Turo Low Bowl


18"-30D x 5.5"-8.5H


GFRC, Fiberstone, Syglos


Crating, Saucer, Drain Hole


Custom Sizes Available

Product Description

Turo Low Bowl Planters are equal parts planter and decorative bowl; with their sculptural sensibility and their slightly rough, raw texture, these planters can be either or both at once. Made by hand in our Stone Yard studio, these artistic planter bowls are sculpted out the innovative materials, GFRC or Fiberstone, both of which are stone-like in look and texture, but are less dense than stone and therefore easier to move when designing a space. Ever customizable, like all of our unique furnishings, this design can be made into a large low bowl planter or small concrete planter bowls, and in the hand-painted finish of your choice—select one from our 14 one-of-a-kind finishes! And due to their highly sturdy construct, they are commercial-grade planters that can live both in and out of doors, in freezing and heat conditions, with unparalleled durability. Watch them withstand any climate as well as high-traffic environments without cracking, splitting, chipping, or becoming otherwise damaged. In addition, this long-lasting, textured low bowl can also be made into a modern fire bowl or chic water feature for residential or commercial use. Read More »



More Product Description

A sophisticated, striated pattern encircles this stone bowl planter, which holds its own as both decorative bowl and modern planter. Sculptural in detail and smooth in silhouette, the wide opening of this bowl holds a generous amount of shallow-rooted plants like succulents and herbs, showcasing their luscious bounty while not competing with any other views, making it the perfect planter to place atop a patio or balcony wall. Further customizations include drainage holes, drip trays in the same design, and casters for a moveable design, making this sleek low bowl an easy fit for your indoor or outdoor space. And the simple yet elevated style of this low bowl planter makes it just as versatile in design as it is in functionality.