Primitive Low Bowl

Primitive Low Bowl


18"-30D x 5.5"-8.5H


GFRC, Fiberstone, Syglos


Crating, Saucer, Drain Hole


Custom Sizes Available

Product Description

Primitive Low Bowl Planters are the epitome of unprocessed beauty. Combining a raw, organically textured surface with a shallow, modern planter profile, these planter bowls bring nature and high design together in perfect balance. Handmade by experienced artisans in the Stone Yard studio, these stone bowl planters are crafted from your choice of GFRC or Fiberstone, both of which resemble natural stone to the eye and touch, but are significantly lighter in weight and easier to maneuver. And since both materials are highly durable, they will endure extreme climates and high-traffic environments with long-lasting beauty. Customize it to create a large low bowl planter that acts as a lovely centerpiece for shared outdoor areas like shopping centers and city centers, or add smaller versions of these concrete planter bowls to line a poolside, hallway, or outdoor patio—they will add green, sculptural beauty without blocking sightlines. Not only can these modern planters be customized in size, but they can also be hand-painted in the finish of your choice—choose from 14 unique finishes. The Primitive Low Bowl Planter can also be made into a contemporary fire bowl or an artistic water feature.
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More Product Description

Versatile in both design and function, the Primitive Low Bowl Planter looks best any way you style it: fill it with shallow-rooted plants like succulents, display decorative stones or colored glass, or leave it bare for its raw beauty to shine unadulterated. The hero of this contemporary bowl is really its perfectly imperfect texture, shaped and formed after the nomadic clay bowls found in primitive art. Bringing it into this century with options that include drainage holes, matching drip trays, and casters, makes this rustic low bowl both a work of art and a functional design element, able to house plants without worry of water damage on any surface. Truly a mix of old-world aesthetics and modern convenience!