Ovo Planter


33"W x 29"D x 36"H – 114"W x 80"D x 28"H




Crating, Drain Hole


Custom sizes available

Product Description

The simple, yet beautifully irregular shape of our Ovo oval stone planter makes it equal parts modern planter and sculptural art piece. The name Ovo was given to this sculptural stone planter due to its contemporary profile, which resembles an egg halved and deyolked, with an exaggeratedly large center opening perfect for nestling plants. And though this modern stone planter looks like real stone, it is actually made from your choice of GFRC or Fiberstone materials, each of which are lighter in weight and therefore easier to move into place. These commercial-grade materials make this unique stone planter durable in harsh weather conditions, and resistant to cracking, splitting, chipping, and other damage in outdoor environments. And yet the artistic variation of our hand-painted finishes, applied with our careful and intricate layering process, make these modern stone planters both heavy-duty in construct and one-of-a-kind in style. Read More »



More Product Description

This low-profile, oval stone planter has been handcrafted by our design team of expert artisans and sculptors. It has an unevenly traced silhouette culminating in a flat, half-moon surface that dips elegantly into a smooth, carved-out center. When filled with plants, the remaining surface can be used to rest more plants on its surface, or simply left bare in order to enjoy this sculptural planter’s unique shape. Placed indoors or out, and filled with a mix of contemporary plant shapes or left on its own as a stunning statement piece, the Ovo will attract attention due to its beautifully hand-carved shape and modern silhouette. With no straight lines to speak of, this oblong oval planter with its smoothed surface introduces a sleek, curved shape into modern design environments. And the low profile of this modern stone planter makes it a perfect backdrop for succulents and other shallow-rooted plants that have both visual and textural appeal.