Lodi Planter


13"Dia X 25"H – 32"Dia X 36"H


GFRC, Fiberstone


Crating, Casters, Saucer, Drain Hole


Custom sizes available

Product Description

With its slim, champagne-flute figure, the Lodi is a tall stone planter with a delicate silhouette that pairs nicely with most modern design themes. Constructed of either GFRC or Fiberstone, both of which provide a stone-like appearance and texture but at a lighter weight, the Lodi is damage- and weather-resistant even in harsh climates. Because of this characteristic, the Lodi is versatile in its use, and able to be placed either indoors or outdoors without worry of cracking, chipping, or splitting from wear and tear or extreme heat and frost conditions. Add to this durable construct one of our unique, hand-painted finishes and you have the strength of a heavy-duty planter coupled with an artistically nuanced style only found in high design.



More Product Description

The sleek, cylindrical shape of the Lodi stone planter flourishes upward, and its slender base gives it an unobtrusiveness that is perfect for spaces that strive for a more edited design. The Lodi, which was named after the province in northern Italy known for their clay-rich soil and handmade pottery, has the hand-molded texture of unfired clay, complete with a semi-gloss overlay that makes it look like it’s waiting to be fired in the kiln. Handcrafted by our stone artisans into a design that is all at once on-trend and timeless, the Lodi has a raw, untouched beauty that is easy to place in any landscape. Large outdoor planters that have a clean, sculptural presence like the Lodi create visual interest that complements, instead of competes with, other elements in the space. As such, the Lodi’s long, refined outline and hand-modeled aesthetic adds dimensional depth and an old-world earthiness that grounds the environment beautifully, design-wise. Fill the Lodi with long, elegant reeds, tall grasses, sprawling ferns, and other plants to further accentuate the stone planter’s luxuriously long lines and rustic motif.