Forme N˚ 5


7.5"Dia X 7.25"H





Product Description

This designation Forme No. 5 is given to this sphere sculpture, which is one of the five exclusive geometric sculptures that make up the Amy Meier Collection for Stone Yard. This collaborative collection was hand-carved in GFRC, a long-lasting and durable material with the same look and texture as stone but lighter in weight. The exquisite gesso finish on these stone geometric sculptures give them the appearance of antique plaster models, and yet their contemporary shapes make them feel current and on-trend.



More Product Description

The idea for this collection of geometric stone sculptures came about from a visit to a Parisian flea market. It was there that acclaimed interior designer, Amy Meier, found beautiful plaster art forms used by art students. She loved the contrast of their modern shapes coupled with their aged patina texture, and sought to create the same contrasting yet complementary feel for her own designs. Amy approached Stone Yard chief designer, Mitch Brean, with her idea, and in a creative collaboration of designer and artisan, the stunning sculptural forms were made into a reality. Handcrafted and hand-finished in the elegantly antiqued gesso finish, these five geometric sculptures can be used separately or collectively, in any combination, as a simple yet effective way to add unique, dimensional art to a space. Set one apart, stack two, line up all five: there are endless ways to style this sculptural artwork. Your imagination is your only limitation!

The sculptural purity of this collection, and especially expressed in the simple globelike shape of Forme No. 5, allows them to be added as unique, yet tangible art pieces on any surface, and in any design space. Forme No. 5 is available on its own or as part of the entire Amy Meier Collection for Stone Yard; buy one, several, double, or all of these forms to add visual interest to your designs.