Forme N˚ 4


9.625"Dia X 8.5"H





Product Description

Forme No. 4 in the Amy Meier Collection for Stone Yard is a complex shape known in geometry as a triakis tetrahedron. This geometric art figure is formed in a series of triangular pyramids that converge, creating 12 faces, 18 edges, and 8 vertices of dimensional interest. Forme No. 4 is one of five handcrafted geometric sculptures that make up this exclusive collection. Hand-carved in durable GFRC, a material that mimics stone in both look and feel, these stone concepts de forme are then given an aged, slightly distressed gesso finish that brings a classic look to these contemporary shapes.



More Product Description

San Diego-based and acclaimed interior designer Amy Meier found her muse for these stone sculptures in plaster art molds that she came across in a Paris flea market. Amy came to Stone Yard to discuss her idea with expert artisan, Mitch Brean, who then handmade and hand-finished these geometric stone sculptures. The kindred desire for making art both tangible and usable in any design scheme has been the fuel of this collaboration between designer and artisan. Styling is left to each designer, who can add these geometric sculptures on their own or in countless formations to any surface, creating aesthetic dimension. All at once current in shape and timeless in aged texture, these hand-painted pieces of sculptural artwork can live comfortably in any design theme.

As one in a line of five stone sculptures, Forme No. 4 is available for purchase on its own, or as part of the entire Amy Meier Collection for Stone Yard. Styling Forme No. 4, and any or all of the sculptural artwork in this line, is a matter of design preference – line them up, place them in groups of two or more, stack them in an artful formation on any surface and room and with any design theme. The possibilities are endless.