Forme N˚ 2


6"Dia X 6.5"H





Product Description

Forme No. 2 is the designation given to this icosahedron shape, which is part of a collection of geometric sculptures that make up the unique Amy Meier Collection for Stone Yard. Handcrafted in our durable GFRC material, which looks and feels like actual stone but is lighter in weight, this exclusive selection of modern geometric shapes is beautifully accented with a chalky finish that makes them look artfully aged and subtly distressed.



More Product Description

Dreamed up from an idea based on plaster forms that San Diego-based interior designer Amy Meier found in a French flea market, Forme No. 2 and the other four abstract designs in this collection of sculptural artwork were then brought to life in an artful collaboration with Stone Yard designer and artist, Mitch Brean. Hand-molded and artfully painted by Mitch and his expert design team, the finish used matches the ancient Italian “gesso” technique that creates a chalky, antiqued look. The end result is geometric stone sculptures that are equal measures contemporary and traditional in both form and finish. Made with the intent to add them in any number to any space, these sculptural pieces can be stacked, lined up, or placed on their own on any surface and in any room where visual interest is desired.

The complex icosahedron, with its 20 faces, 30 edges, and 12 vertices, has a visually stunning geometry that can be admired from any angle, each of which captures a distinctly different perspective of light and shadow. This shape is just one in this series of stone geometric sculptures, which can be used individually or collectively in any design project. Learn more about the other contemporary concepts de forme available as part of the Amy Meier Collection for Stone Yard. These sculptural art pieces can be bought individually, in any configuration of shapes, or as a collection.