Forme N˚ 1


10.5"W X 8.25"D X 11.5"H





Product Description

As one in a series of geometric sculptures found in the Amy Meier Collection for Stone Yard, Forme No. 1, the irregular pyramid is made with our durable GFRC material, which is stonelike in appearance and touch yet lighter weight than real stone. It’s elegantly distressed gesso finish mixes a contemporary geometric shape with an antique-looking finish, for design sensibilities that are all at once timeless and avant garde.

This piece is available on its own or as part of the complete Amy Meier Collection for Stone Yard. Also check out the other four designs in this artful collection of stone geometric sculptures.



More Product Description

Forme No. 1, the irregular pyramid, was created as one in a collection of sculptural artwork made from the collaborative efforts of acclaimed interior designer Amy Meier and Stone Yard’s principal designer and artisan, Mitch Brean. What began as an idea inspired from art sculptures that Amy found in a Parisian flea market came to fruition via artful collaboration with Mitch and his carefully honed sculpting skills. The dimensional concepts de forme that were formed were made to be featured singularly, in a small group, or in an entire collection, and stacked, layered, placed separately in space—the possibilities are as endless as the imagination of the designer. Classically modern, aged yet contemporary, abstract yet recognizable in shape, these geometric sculptures are an alluring mix of contrasts that leave them open for interpretation and easily incorporated into a variety of design themes.

Cutting a striking profile, this pyramid shape’s longest edge reaches to the sky, revealing an exposed surface that reflects like a beam of white light while the other two faces lay in peaceful shadow. A piece of abstract art made tangible, this piece of sculptural artwork can be placed in any room, on any surface, and in any design theme, and add dimensional interest.