Amy Meier Collection

Design Pas de Deux

It all started in a Parisian flea market, where acclaimed interior designer Amy Meier ran across some plaster models used by art students to study shape and form. Immediately struck by the juxtaposition of aged patina on these decidedly contemporary shapes, Amy knew she wanted to create her own line of sculptural designs with this same interesting contrast. After pairing up with Stone Yard’s chief designer Mitch Brean, in a collaborative tête-à-tête of designer and artist, five sculptural concepts de forme with an aged and distressed gesso finish were made to add artful dimension to any space.

Style Any or All Shapes for Endless Design Possibilities

Shapes available on their own or as a collection

Forme n° 1

An irregular pyramid shape makes for a striking profile, with the longest edge reaching unapologetically to the sky while two faces remain in silent shadow. The gesso finish gives this modern shape a charmingly aged appearance.

Forme n° 2

20 faces, 30 edges, 12 vertices. This icosahedron has many angles where shadow and light can play in this abstract shape accentuated by a slightly distressed, purposely imperfect gesso finish.

Forme n° 3

This sloped cylinder gives weight and a dramatic edge to this minimalist shape profile, which is hand-painted with a chalk-like gesso finish for a vintage feel.

Forme n° 4

Crystal-like in silhouette, this tetrahedron can rest on any one of its many triangular surfaces, providing shape profiles and artfully highlighting multiple planes at a glance. Its raw, uneven gesso finish adds even more depth to this already complex sculpture.

Forme n° 5

Curved and smoothed until its simple sphere shape emerges, this globelike sculpture with its gorgeous gesso finish is a piece that can be worked into any design.

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