Modern Planters

A fusion of cement and glass fiber material creates a sleek and stunning, endlessly customizable modern planter. This Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) style sports a stone-like feel but at a fraction of the weight, sporting clean lines and pristine surfaces.

Traditional Planters

Our expert artisans draw inspiration from the Greek and Roman classics, the French and Italian countryside, as well as the sleek, crisp lines of the modern era.

Tables and Bases

The base provides the very foundation of the table. As the most visible portion when standing, some believe the table’s top commands more attention. We know otherwise, believing in equal opportunities for all things creative.


With an enormous collection of mantels at which to marvel, including the modern sleek lines of the Orleans to several versions of Louis XVI and styles in between, clients will want more than one fireplace under which to display them.


Chic or cultivated, debonair or dignified, Stone Yard’s charming consoles demonstrate gracious living regardless of style or design.


With just a hint of hieroglyphs, Zaragoza styling takes the prehistoric mood and transcends it to modern sensibilities in our sofas, day beds, chairs, and benches


Add a splash of Fungo, a Winged Lion, a Pomegranate Mirror, and a stunning Mansilla Pedestal and your clients will have enough eclectic panache fit for a collector. Beautiful urns are also available.


From the elegant simplicity of the Antibes Pedestal to the squared off, recessed brow of the Kensington, our pedestals make as much of an artistic statement as the art they display.

Site Furnishings

No ordinary ash and trash earns, Stone Yard takes great pride in designing as much elegance in site amenities such as the elegant carved Granada series, the clean clarity of the Curtis, and the upstart Prescott as everything else we create.